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PHYS 615 - Advanced Quantum Mechanics - Fall 2017

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This is a dummy description. An Introduction to Advanced Quantum Physics presents important concepts from classical mechanics, electricity and magnetism, statistical physics, and quantum physics brought together to discuss the interaction of radiation and matter, selection rules, symmetries and conservation laws, scattering, relativistic quantum mechanics, apparent paradoxes, elementary quantum field theory, electromagnetic and weak interactions, and much more. Reviews "The material is intended for undergraduates who are planning to take up the study of elementary particle physics or condensed matter.

The problem section given at the end of each chapter is a useful addition for a better understanding of the subject. Features The book limits itself to those topics that are absolutely necessary for understanding elementary particle physics and condensed matter. The basic ideas and concepts of quantum mechanics: Hilbert spaces, bra-ket formalism, operators, matrix representation, observables, the measurement process, uncertainty relations, the position and momentum representation, density matrices, Bell's inequalities.

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Harmonic oscillator, creation and annihilation operators. Symmetries in quantum mechanics: translation, rotation, parity, spatial and temporal inversion.

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  • The theory of angular momentum: ladder operators, spin, addition of angular momentum. Permutation symmetry, identical particles. Approximation methods for time-independent and time-dependent problems, the interaction picture.

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