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Public Key 1. National Constitutions. Comparative Constitutions. Republican Movements.

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Wireless Internet. Freedom Arts. Propaganda Techniques. Logical Fallacies.

Diffusion of innovations. Public Choice. Counterintuitive Behavior. Let the constitution be enforced, [though] the heavens fall. Wormuth — Historical analysis of the key constitutional concepts. A living constitution or fundamental law? Constitutionalism — Entry in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

What is Constitutionalism? Constitutional States — Sourcebook links at Fordham University. The Center for Constitutional Studies — Promotes research, teaching, and publication on the history and theory of constitutionalism, with special emphasis on the Constitution of the United States of America.

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Center for Comparative Constitutionalism — Studies the definition and implementation of constitutional rights, focusing both on legal and judicial interpretation and on the wide range of ways in which societies attempt to secure constitutional rights to their citizens. Federalism and Constitutionalism: Europe's Sonderweg , by J.

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Centre for the Study of Modern Constitutionalism — UK research forum, in a country that lacks a written constitution. Bichel — Critical analysis of the attempt to apply the model of the U. Constitution to a country lacking a constitutionalist tradition.

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Viteritti — Examines constitutional issues involved in school choice. Black — View that constitutionalism promises what it can't deliver, but offers no alternative.

Published in Liberty magazine. State Department, U. Information Agency.

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Anti-Government vs. Democracy and Constitutionalism in the European Union — Three leading EU scholars debate whether, and if so, by what standards, the European Union has democratic legitimacy. Constitutionalism and American Culture , edited by Sandra F. Why have other countries ceased to treat the U. Constitution as a prototype?

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By reflecting on what others might view as deficiencies in our Constitution—most of which was written in the eighteenth century—can we achieve an enhanced understanding of the respective ways in which it may serve us well and badly in the twenty-first century? And if so, how should we go forward? Constitutional Law Commons. Advanced Search. Privacy Copyright. Billias also notes the role played by American constitutionalism in the establishment of other states, including our newest states of Alaska and Hawaii as well as of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The author details the role these collective works of state and national constitutions that were the models, not only for the United States, but for emerging democracies in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

In addition, this very readable book explains why some efforts at constitutional democracy failed while other succeeded in fully, or at least partially, meeting the vision of those who used them as models.