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For example, if Bob wants to send sensitive data to Alice, and wants to be sure that only Alice may be able to read it, he will encrypt the data with Alice's Public Key. Only Alice has access to her corresponding Private Key and as a result is the only person with the capability of decrypting the encrypted data back into its original form.

As only Alice has access to her Private Key, it is possible that only Alice can decrypt the encrypted data. Even if someone else gains access to the encrypted data, it will remain confidential as they should not have access to Alice's Private Key. Public Key Cryptography can therefore achieve Confidentiality. ISC Chen, L. P, Soldera, D. In: Davida, G.

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InfraSec Cheng, Z. Coron, J.

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In: Bellare, M. Dent, A. Gentry, C. In: Biham, E.

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Huang, X. In: Desmedt, Y. CANS Libert, B.

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In: Katsikas, S. It is an open source solution that is developing a custom blockchain for PKI. It is all about storing public keys of certificates on the blockchain, storing their validity times and revocation statuses. In this picture, we see a couple of nodes interconnected into a small network and some client applications. Here we can easily see why a decentralized system is preferable to a centralized one.

Securing the Future of Broadcast with Public Key Infrastructure

Each node has the same data, the same logic, and the same API. This redundancy makes our system very robust. The digital future is coming fast. Join our open source project on GitHub to protect the community. Andrii Fedotov andrii. Tweet This. What is PKI? Authentication and Authorization for Web Applications : This authentication is often accomplished using usernames and passwords, but PKI provides an attractive alternative.


SSL has the optional ability to require a client-side certificate before establishing a secure and encrypted connection. So a web server needs a valid client certificate before allowing an HTTPS connection to be established to it. But it is rarely used because existing solutions are not suitable, making it a nightmare to manage.

But as recent incidents highlight, CAs get compromised.