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Molecular and genomic studies have helped to decipher the Musa genome and its evolution.

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Genetic linkage map and whole genome sequencing of both Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana progenitors of cultivated banana have completely changed the way of thinking and the approach on banana crop improvement. Whole-genome sequencing has helped to improve the selection of quantitative traits such as yield, as well as the selection of optimal parents for developing required hybrids in breeding programs.

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Gene isolation and the analysis of mutants have helped in the characterization of genes of agronomic value and the associated regulatory sequences. With the advent of molecular markers and new statistical tools, it is now possible to measure the diversity, identify genes and useful alleles linked to important agronomic traits. Further these alleles can be incorporated into cultivars through marker assisted selection or through transgenic approach.

Transgenic approaches are potential tools for direct transfer of these genes into popular cultivars, which are generally not amenable for conventional breeding techniques, in specific with crops such as bananas which are sterile, triploid and heterozygous thereby making it difficult to reconstruct the recurrent genotypes in banana.

Transgenic techniques thus have helped overcome the difficulty of working with sterile, triploid banana crop.


In the last five years, enormous amount of new information and techniques have been generated for banana. A comprehensive book entitled "Banana: Genomics and Transgenic Approaches for Genetic improvement" on banana genomics, latest transgenic technologies and tools available for improved crop development in banana will address all these requirements.

Her group was actively involved in cloning genes and in development of transgenic banana for fusarium wilt resistant for the past one decade. She is a recipient of several awards important among them being 1. Jawaharlal Nehru Award for the best Ph.

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D thesis , 2. She has authored more than publications. He has been associated with the Division of Biotechnology for last two decades.

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His area of research interests are genetics, genomics, association studies and marker assisted breeding of horticultural crops. His group was involved in the development of microsatellite markers in many crop species like mango, wild banana Musa balbisiana, okra, Garcinia indica, G.

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