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Another specific objective was to study the various approaches to talent management used by the banks. The study was a case study researches design that was qualitative in nature. The study covered a sample of 20 managers and 60 middle level employees as respondents drawn from a total population of managers and employees at the bank branches in Nairobi. This was due to ease of accessing the same by the researcher. Stratified random sampling was used to select the sample size.

Primary data was collected through interviews with managers at the branches and open ended and close ended questionnaires to the employees. Secondary data was also obtained through existing literature found in the banks library and archives. The qualitative data was analyzed using content analysis.

Quantitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistical tool namely frequencies and percentages through the SPSS version 2. A pilot test was conducted on 10 employees of the bank in Moi Avenue branch to test the validity of the responses gotten from the respondents as well as observe the practical application of talent management approaches at the work place.

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