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Dispersed Democratic Leadership examines both the scope and consequences of the dispersal of the leadership role in democratic societies, a topic that has been relatively neglected by a political science literature dominated by studies of executive power. Individual chapters investigate the many loci of leadership found in modern democracies, some ancient and some newly emergent, some institutionalized and some ad-hoc, some self-consciously political and some avowedly a-political.

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  4. Dispersed democratic leadership : origins, dynamics, and implications?
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In assessing the effects of leadership dispersal, the book argues that understanding how policies are shaped in a democracy requires balancing the usual person-centered approach with one that is more contextual, institutional, and relational. The public leadership role of people in business, the media, non-governmental organizations, bureaucracy, law, show-business and many other areas are instructively investigated to enhance our appreciation of the complexity of democratic political systems and to allow us to assess the effects, both good and ill, of democratic leadership dispersal.

His research interests include political theory, political leadership, foreign policy and public management.

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He is the author of numerous articles in books and international journals, co-editor of Rethinking Australian Citizenship and Dissident Democrats , and author of The Politics of Moral Capital and Between Virtue and Power. His research interests include political theory, political leadership and democratic governance. His research interests include public leadership, political psychology, crisis management, and policy analysis.

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Show More Table of Contents 1. Hargrove 3. Parliamentary Oppositional Leadership, John Uhr 5. Populist Leadership, Jos de Beus 6. Judicial Leadership, Mark Tushnet 9. Leadership in News Institutions, Michael Schudson Leadership of International Organizations, Bertjan Verbeek See All Customer Reviews.