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Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. Published November 6th by Doubleday Childrens first published November 6th More Details Original Title. Noughts and Crosses 4. Persephone 'Sephy' Hadley. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Double Cross , please sign up. How do we read the books , what do we press? Aliyah You cant this website doesnt allow you but heres a webiste that does and is way better. See 1 question about Double Cross…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters.

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Sort order. Jul 20, Reading Corner rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book but I think the series should have ended on the last book as this one seemed pretty unnecessary and didn't add much to the overall series. Double Cross was definitely good but it was my least favourite out of the series as it follows a pretty irrelevant character,Callie's best friend,Tobey. I did enjoy the story but I feel it would have been better as a stand alone and not associated with the series.

The book was still fantastic as Malorie creates an amazing story again while st I enjoyed this book but I think the series should have ended on the last book as this one seemed pretty unnecessary and didn't add much to the overall series. The book was still fantastic as Malorie creates an amazing story again while still providing character depth and generating interest for their well being.

However,I would have loved to see more Sephy,Meggie and Callie. Great book but personally I thought it was pretty irrelevant to the series. I would definitely still recommend it though. View all 7 comments. Jul 28, James rated it really liked it. Now post emancipation, it is the non-black population who are distinctly disadvantaged and impoverished in this alternative future society which is ruled and controlled by the dominating blacks Crosses. An attempt to provoke thought and to revisit the absurdities of a society ies run along lines on racial disadvantagement and the domination of one ethnic group or groups in society by another controlling ethnic almost always white group.

Moreover — to consider the possibility of a third way — a society run entirely along non-racially defined power structures. This is an original, intelligent, perceptive and though-provoking series of books — and whilst squarely aimed at the Young Adult market, it clearly transcends the restrictive boundaries of that genre. It is very encouraging that Blackman's series of books has been so successful and is widely read and made available in UK schools — as it quite rightly should continue to be.

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This is the best series I have ever read. I loved all the characters, especially Callum and Tobey. So glad I marathoned it and I would recommend it to anyone. It's so gripping, hard-hitting, action packed and I became obsessed. View 2 comments. Thoughts to come. The third book had drawn everything to a nice close, and to be honest, I couldn't really see where the characters could be taken now. Luckily, my doubts were unfounded.

All Toby wants to do is provide for his girlfriend Callie, so in an attempt to earn some money, he makes a "delivery" which is much more than it seems. Although I had sometimes found Callie a little irritating the last book, in this book she was must more likable, and Toby was an oddly endearing character, considering his actions. It was a real page-turner, I'm quite sure it didn't leave my hands for two days, and packed a really emotional punch, particularly at the horrifically ironic ending which left me feeling the most sympathy towards a fictional character I had ever known.

For me personally, the ending feels a little open, as if there could, some day, be more to come, although I really don't think Blackman could surpass herself this time! On the whole, one of the best of the series, a definite must-read even for those who didn't enjoy the rest! Jun 13, Shaz rated it it was ok Shelves: This book follows a character who is completely irrelevant in the rest of the books and his story was very uninteresting and didn't leave me with anything. I hear this book was an afterthought anyway and this series was originally going to be the first three books which is how I choo 2.

I hear this book was an afterthought anyway and this series was originally going to be the first three books which is how I choose to view them having read this. I'll definitely be giving this book a miss whenever I decide to give the series a re-read. Also if you're reading this review after having already read the previous three books in this series and you want to read this as it seems a few things from there may be resolved in this one, they aren't. That book Checkmate wraps up the story that began in Noughts and Crosses and this books is just another random character's story.

View 1 comment. Mar 19, Anne Osterlund rated it really liked it. Toby is in love with his best friend, Callie. Which is more than enough to deal with for your average hot-blooded teenage guy. Like the racial turf war being fought by the two kingpins who are busy holding everyone down. What he has no Toby is in love with his best friend, Callie. What he has no clue about is the reason why. Toby is an unlikely, gutsy, and intriguing hero.

Noughts and Crosses is a powerful quartet, one I recommend to fans of mature YA. Note: I wound up ordering this book through an international bookseller via Amazon. The first three novels in the series are easy to obtain the U. It is directly related to the prior books and is definitely worth a little extra effort to track down.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Not really sure what I expected from this book. Tobey was a great character in all except his weakness for Callie, who was as annoying as ever. She suffers from a horrible disease which has symptoms of bitchiness, moodiness and erratic behavior. Diagnosis: insecurity. Sephy was also annoying; you would think that she wouldn't be so quick to judge and separate Callie and Tobias after her own experiences with Callie.

Speaking of which, did anyone else see the parallels? Or was that supposed to be Not really sure what I expected from this book. Or was that supposed to be a cutesy angle: best friends in love with each other, who go straight from kissing to doing the down and dirty. Ah, all those raging hormones. Double Cross didn't focus as much on the Noughts and Crosses, but instead on the underworld. Tobey's manipulative and intelligent plans were interesting to watch unfold.

Blackman has a habit it seems of killing the best characters, like Cara from Knife Edge and Rebecca. A good ending always finishes with sacrifices, and to be absolutely honest I think I would have preferred it if the lamb was Callie and not Rebecca. Apr 26, Suzanne winterscribbler Cole rated it it was ok Shelves: young-adult , reviewed.

Avert eyes now!!! I miss him So I think his death at the end of the last book was perfect, devastating but perfect for the character and clearly the end he was always running towards. But in the early stages of 'Double Cross' I began to have a small feeling of doubt, could he have survived, somehow I couldn't completely put it past him. Of course I was wrong and the original ending still stands, but it was a reminder of how empty the series was for me.

I hint at the was only because I first read her books, including the first three in this series when I was teenager way way back but I can't seem to get back into them as an adult. Not that I consider this be a negative on the part of the writing, in fact I think it should be considered an accomplishment that she writes exactly for a young adult audience. Not that her writing is inaccessible to adults, just for me it was harder to go back to the point where I left off in this continuing story.

As you may have guessed my favourite character, actually one of my all time favourite characters from fiction was Jude McGregor not Robert Powers, that was a terrible pseudonym Jude who took his final bow, grudgingly, at the end of Checkmate. I love characters who refuse to fit into neat boxes, who challenge the reader throughout their interactions.

I could write a whole thesis on why he's such a compelling character but for I'll say he is my one true terrorist love, I should seek therapy. But back to this book, in all seriousness it probably is a lot better than the rating I've given it, and as part of an overall series it is worthwhile piece of the narrative. I just didn't care as much.

I was also disappointed that Sephy was in this novel so infrequently as I enjoyed her character much more as she aged. I was glad this was mainly narrated by Tobey, since the last novel featured so much Callie-Rose and it was a nice contrast. The plot wasn't bad, there are so many different sociological aspects that could be examined in the context of this series, but it was quite disjointed compared to the clear lineal structure between the first three novels.

On the whole I'm glad I read it, and it wasn't a bad experience, more of a passive one as I relived previous times. On a final note I am in no way romantically interested in real life terrorists, just fictional ones. May 03, Josie rated it it was amazing Shelves: best-ever. When I heard about this book coming out I went crazy. I waited months for it to come out, and read it in two days which involved my English teacher threatening to convincate it because I stayed up to midnight reading XD.

And it didn't disappoint. It was as fantastic as all the rest. Sign in New customer? Start here. View Cart 0 Your Shopping Cart is empty. If you already have an account, sign in. Usually dispatches around 3 to 5 working days. Retail store and online prices may vary. Delivery time required depends on your selected option. To confirm availability and pricing, please call the store directly.

She hears Callum shouting to her but is unsure if she heard the word 'too' so she cannot be sure that Callum heard her. The story ends with a newspaper cutting announcing the birth of their child, Callie Rose, with an announcement from Sephy that her daughter will take her father's surname of McGregor. However, in later books, it is revealed that Sephy changes her mind so that Callie Rose can grow up without knowing her father's role in the LM.

Sephy is a cross, the privileged group in society, but Callum, the father of her child, was a nought. Callum's brother, Jude, blames Sephy for the terrible losses his family has suffered and is determined to destroy Sephy's life by any means necessary. He meets Cara Imega, a cross, and befriends her to access her money. Sephy, living with Callum's mother, Meggie, becomes increasingly fond of her daughter, Callie Rose. Callum's guard, Jack, delivers a letter, written by Callum before he died, saying that he never loved her and could not believe that she was stupid enough to fall for him.

Meggie tries to make Sephy believe that Callum was forced to write the letter by the rest of the gang, but the letter is so hurtful that Sephy believes it and develops postnatal depression. She meets Jaxon, a hot-tempered man with a band, the Midges. He offers Sephy a singing part, but the noughts are prejudiced against her because she is a cross.

She begins to neglect Callie Rose. Cara spends a lot of time with Jude. Although he loathes Crosses, he begins to fall in love with her.

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  7. Frustrated and confused with his feelings for a cross, Jude beats her severely and runs off with a large amount of money. After she dies in hospital, Jude is eventually arrested and charged with Cara's murder. He is virtually certain to get the death sentence since his fingerprints are all over her apartment and had been seen with her by several witnesses. Sephy struggles with seeing Meggie losing the last remaining member of her family.

    Sephy decides, for Meggie's sake, to give Jude a false alibi for Cara's death. Jude, even though Sephy saved his miserable life, still holds his grudge against her and plots a terrible revenge. Sephy's life begins to fall apart. The crosses hate her because she helped Jude escape the noose, the noughts because she did not come to his aid sooner.

    She hugs her daughter too tightly while she sing the famous song "Rainbow Child". Callie Rose stops breathing, and Meggie screams at Sephy, "What have you done?

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    Callie Rose struggles with growing up as half-nought and half-cross after she learns the truth about her nought father's life from her friend, Tobey, who calls her a terrorist's daughter. Callie Rose had been told by her mother that her father, Callum, had been a gardener who died in an accident. Callie Rose becomes angry with her mother, Sephy, for hiding the truth. She decides to follow the path of her father. She also cuts off her friendship with nought Tobey despite his attempts to apologise. Sephy feels trapped and rejects an offer of marriage from her boyfriend, Sonny.

    She meets Nathan, the owner of the restaurant in which she sings, and the two start a relationship. Jude takes Callie Rose to Kamal's house. After Kamal denies that she is his granddaughter, Jude, now the General of the LM, exploits her anger to groom her to become a suicide bomber. Callie Rose starts dating Lucas, a cross who is an ex-friend's brother. Jasmine, Sephy's mother, does what she can to bring Callie and Sephy closer together but develops breast cancer and struggles with her life. Nathan proposes to Sephy, who accepts, but Sonny shows up in her life again.

    Sephy is left confused but engaged. Celine Lubanjah, the daughter of Callum's prison guard Jack, gives a letter that was written by Callum before he was hanged. Callum told Jack this is the letter with his real feelings. Callum says in the letter he greatly wishes that he had been able to stay with Sephy, as he loved her so much. He also tells Sephy to keep his past secret from their child. Sephy and Callie Rose resume their relationship after Jasmine traps them in her wine cellar so that they sort things out.

    Jasmine sets off the bomb to prevent Jude from injuring anyone else. Kamal had been the intended target of the bomb, but he only loses power, after Jasmine had sent a letter to the press about his rampant corruption. Kamal's party loses the election badly to a more liberal government. Callie Rose knows secretly that she made the bomb that killed Jasmine and that it was intended for Jasmine's ex-husband, Kamal. Callie Rose also fears that Jude, her uncle, is still alive since he is known for serving revenge cold.

    The press fails to mention Jude in connection to the bomb but notes the death of Robert Powers. Callie rose's best friend and later boyfriend, Tobey, is worried about his own future. As a nought boy at an exclusive school, Tobey hopes to keep out of trouble, go to university, get a good job and leave behind the dangerous streets of his childhood. However, he cannot keep clinging to some kind of no-man's land while the neighbourhood around him is carved up by rival gangs, one headed by a ruthless man, Alex McAuley, the head of a gang of noughts, and another headed by the Dowds, the head of a gang of crosses.

    Both are powerful gangs that frequently injure and kill each other's members as well as suspected informants.

    Double Cross ( Noughts and Crosses 4 ) -- Paperback [Paperback]

    Tobey is offered the chance to earn some ready money just making a few 'deliveries' after he is introduced by a friend, Dan, who works for McAuley. Tobey wants no part of the world of gangs but makes an exception for once. Tobey finds out that the delivery was the little finger of one of the Dowds, a manager at the restaurant. He keeps the secret from his girlfriend Callie Rose. They start kissing and touching each other. Callie Rose asks Tobey if he is ready. They make love. Callie Rose then leaves but promises to meet Tobey again.

    Her surgery is successful, but she ends up in coma. Sephy is furious at Tobey for not becoming more of a man and telling the police who shot Callie Rose.

    Double Cross (Noughts & Crosses, #4) by Malorie Blackman

    Sephy does not know that Tobey has sworn revenge on McAuley and plans on doing so 'himself'. He meets Rebecca, Vanessa Dowd's daughter. Rebecca loves his company, as he treats her like a person, unlike other boys, who are interested only in her family and money. Tobey eventually goes out with her but is confused between her and Callie Rose. Callie Rose wakes from her coma and finds out that Robert Powers was a false identity of Jude, who thus was certainly killed by the bomb. However, she learns that Tobey is dating Rebecca and that she had been in coma for so long.

    During a visit to Vanessa Dowd's house, Tobey is revealed to have been making deliveries for McAuley. Rebecca is shocked, but Tobey reassures her that he does not work for him any longer.