Manual Education and Delinquency: Summary of a Workshop

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The workshop attendees recognized the complexity of understanding how attachment to and performance in school are related to delinquency. In identifying the issue of intrinsic motivation, the workshop considered a possible way to overcome issues of fairness while also attending to an important goal for educators: maintaining a desire to learn.

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In recognizing that some intervention programs have harmful effects, the workshop attendees noted the importance of examining preconceptions that have led to acceptance of intervention strategies without appropriate testing. In sum, the workshop brought to the attention of participants some important issues that deserve attention in considering the relationship of education and delinquency.

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The Panel on Juvenile Crime: Prevention, Treatment, and Control convened a workshop on October 2, , to explore issues related to educational performance, school climate, school practices, learning, student motivation and commitment to school, and their relationship to delinquency. The workshop was designed to bring together researchers and practitioners with a broad range of perspectives on the relationship between such specific issues as school safety and academic achievement and the development of delinquent behavior.

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Act 67 of makes changes and clarifications regarding school security personnel. PSBA Legislative Priority Issue: Provide for Safe and Secure Schools Incidents of threats and violent acts in schools across the nation have led to increased concern about the critical need to keep students and staff safe. School Safety Board Report Guidance — PSBA has developed this guidance document that specifies the required elements of the report, as well as a list of considerations that school entities may choose to include in their report.

This document displays the Part B grant awards for each school entity receiving a grant. Department of Education, University of California at Irvine.

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