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Fine , Animal Assisted Therapy. Suinn and J. Deffenbacher , Anxiety Management Training. Ost , Applied Relaxation.

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    Information Technology and Moral Values

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    Lomax , Education: Curriculum for Psychotherapy. Lambert and D. Vermeersch , Efficacy. McConaghy , Electrical Aversion. Lazarus , Emotive Imagery. Tryon , Engagement. Lieberman and L. Havens , Existential Psychotherapy. Taylor , Exposure. Van Hout and P. Emmelkamp , Exposure In-Vivo Therapy. Poling, K. Ehrhardt, and R. Jenings , Extinction. Anderson , Fading. Griffin , Family Therapy. Enns , Feminist Psychotherapy. Miller , Flooding. Eells , Formulation. Miltenberger , Forward Chaining. Kris , Free Association.

    Wilson and A. Murrell , Functional Analysis of Behavior. Kohlenberg and M. Tsai , Functional Analytic Psychotherapy. Johnson , Functional Communication Training. Zahm and E. Free shipping in Italy and Europe. Shipping worldwide. Delivery within 5 days. Gift wrap this item for free. Rolex Encyclopedia is the most complete and updated guide on vintage and modern Rolex watches and it includes every Rolex produced from until today.

    There is a big story behind every important brand: a story made of great ideas, great adventures, enterprises and innovations that have changed the world that we knew. This is the case of Rolex. Many things have already been said about its story, but the love and passion of Guido Mondani Editore have no limits and this is why the Rolex Encyclopedia wants to reach the soul of the story of this important brand, which has changed the world of watchmaking forever. No one before has ever written so much about the great enterprises of Rolex: a story of outstanding pioneers, of courageous and far-sighted persons, of state-of-the-art watches, which almost represent the Holy Grail for watch collectors.

    Ask yourself a question, any question …. What is the origin of the name Rolex? How many pieces of the Rolex Split-Seconds model were produced? Be the first to write your review! Send Cancel. Couverture souple, 48 pages, Reconstructions of Publications, Acrylic and Weathering paints for modelling. Filters and MUD Products. The ammunition for modelling. Enamel wash, weathering products and sets, oils, vegetation products, acrylic paints, panel line wash, plastic model kits, brushes, airbrushes, rigging. Acrylic colors.