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The undercover agent of Jack Mars Hunting Zero Tokybook - September 11, 0. Whether you are an agent or an ordinary middle-class worker the only thing that is most important to you is family. Harry Potter Full 8 Books by J. A collection of four King novellas.

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Unlike his earlier novella collections, here each one is firmly rooted in the Horror field. The Langoliers First up is The Langoliers.

A red eye flight from Los Angeles to Boston passes through some sort of rip in reality. Only those asleep at the time make it through.

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They find they may well be the last people on the planet, but what is that rumbling noise in the background? I liked The Langoliers quite a bit. The whole thing is just so bizarre. It is original and nobody reading the book through the first time is likely to guess at where it is headed. I do think that the make-up of the survivors was a bit But that's my only real gripe with it. Almost like King finished that book but still had some thoughts about writers and writing that he wanted to get off his chest and he whipped up this novella.

Mort Rainey is a successful novelist going through a bad time. He's in the process of divorcing his wife and is staying at their isolated cabin when a visitor arrives.

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The man gives his name as John Shooter from Missouri and he claims that Mort stole one of his stories. The man must be crazy, his claim cannot be true. But Mort learns Shooter is violent as well Secret Window, Secret Garden just chugs right along, drawing you further and further in to Mort's struggle with a crazy man. King's foreshadowing of later events is excellent and there were a couple of heart stopping moments as we learn there's more to the story than meets the eye. The end reminded me heavily of the final scene in Psycho, where the psychologist explains what happened.

In both cases, it felt sort of tacked on. But in this story there was so much to be explained it was probably a necessary sin. And the twist at the end was a nice finale. He started with an idea that sounds funny, but he played it straight. A man borrows a couple of books from the library and they are lost. The librarian is serious about getting those books back and she dispatches the Library Policeman. There's a lot more going on in the story than my summary provides, but I wanted to avoid spoilers. It's not uncommon to see an author take a short story and expand it in to a novel.

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Here it felt like King took the concepts from It a monster that returns in cycles, sustaining itself on children and turned it in to a novella. No matter what he points it at, the camera takes a picture of a mysterious black dog. Writing about that Castle Rock must be like stepping into a pair of comfortable old shoes for King.

There was a sense of ease to the storytelling that made this story feel deeper than the others and I never think of King as shallow. I suppose it's because he is so intimately familiar with the town and its people that he knows what is going on behind the scenes. Relationships that aren't mentioned in the story still color his characters.

As a result, The Sun Dog was my favorite of the novellas though all of them were very good reads. I wish I could have given this book higher marks. It was a good story with lots of twist. Very detailed like all of Stephen Kings works. It just didn't captivate me or keep me interested like I was hoping it would. I would have given this a 3. I've read this book many many moons ago. Back in the days when I only read Dutch books and the moment King's translated books were available in the shops I would buy them.

So now I have a very nice SK collection but will never re-read them because once you have read his books in English you don't want to read them in Dutch anymore I think I have read most of his books at least 2 to 3 times but I think not this book cause otherwise I would have remembered the 4 stories more clearly.

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The one I do remember is the first one The Langoliers. So I have decided to re-read this book of his so I can properly review this. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments. Recent searches Clear All. Update Location.

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