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Joe were all cities on the deep and long Mississippi River with headwaters near St. Paul, Minnesota rolling all the way to New Orleans and the Gulf, the land of dreams.


Our river, became the river of song. Later, when I was able, I purchased a recording of Louis Armstrong singing and playing his trumpet with Oscar Peterson on piano. From natchez to mobile, from memphis to st. Snow storm at night along the Truckee River. Big flakes of snow melted on our faces as we cross-country skied, breaking trail on the ridge above Cold Stream Valley watershed. The soft quiet storm shattered by the sound of the train swiftly rolling up the mountain to Donner Pass. Joyous, we made our way through the meringue-like forest.

Like thirsty pilgrims arriving at a well after a long journey, we gave thanks, knowing each snow filled hour meant sustained water for drought stricken cities and fields. Never again taken for granted. A midnight stroll found us by the bank of the Truckee , laughing in joy, as the river, roared her song into the night, balance restored. In the heart of darkness, the snow-covered landscape reflected warmth, restoring our parched souls. Santa Cruz lagoon. The sun was high in the sky: the light blinding and the air hot; no breeze.

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The egrets gathered as a rookery on the fallen trees by the lagoon in the Santa Cruz watershed, collecting themselves in the cool of the Eucalyptus trees, like sinners awaiting their baptism to wash away their sins. For a moment I lost myself in the other, the landscape. Art and poetry are means to give voice to the other, be it individuals, communities, or the landscape. Nothing distinguishes a poet from other men and women but these moments — rare yet frequent — in which being themselves they are other.

The Colorado River of Texas. Copyright Robin L. Storm fed by New Mexican arroyos, the Colorado River winds across the Texas plains and prairies nurtured by springs, through the Hill Country and the fertile black bottom land, gathering steam as the Concho, Llano, Perdnales and San Saba rivers contribute on the journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Great forces tell the story of this country, some natural and some manmade. How we got from the first age to the third, and what we have destroyed in the process, is a story historians will be worrying for a long time.

Leaving Austin meandering the back roads towards Waco, I purposefully took a slight detour to the northwest to visit the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge. Spring is the perfect time to catch the wild flowers and glimpse migratory birds nesting in the Texas Hill Country. My journey is a series of interstates, highways, and two-lane roads that are increasingly developed. And refuge it is. Although it is hard to completely loose sight or sound of the farm to market road, it is possible to loose yourself briefly in the surrounding natural history.

My found treasure included a gorgeous view of the Colorado River of Texas with a threatening lightening storm looming on the western horizon. I am conscious of the looming suburbs on the horizon, threatening like a storm this precious refuge. But I know we need to come to some compromise with nature, something more than this tenuous draw. We need to live and breathe stewardship; because the land helps keep us from worry and woe. But don't be afraid, you can keep your guns and religion. I would just like to share my opinions and hope you will do the same. To purchase my collection of essays called An Atheist for Christ, cut and paste the following link.

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Monday, May 30, Memorial Day. Happy Memorial Day! As time passed, the day evolved into one in which all veterans of all wars were honored. Unfortunately, also per Wikipedia, there are plenty of war deaths to honor; approximately 1. Of course, we don't note method of death on our veterans graves, don't separate those that died from gunfire from those who died of starvation or disease.

One can easily conclude from a quick perusal of the death and injured charts, that we have seen a tremendous advance in our ability to treat and save the lives of our injured warriors. Up until the 20th century, more deaths occurred in war than injuries, presumably because the injured died of their wounds before treatment or transport to medical facilities was possible. During the World Wars, more were injured than dead, and by the Korean and Vietnam Wars that ratio grew to 3 to 1.

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Now, statistics from our latest conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate just how advanced our in-field medical technology has advanced as only one in nine injured soldiers die of their wounds. Imagine that, each and every day for years at a time, hundreds of American families lost a loved one. Perhaps the good news is that only 11 or so deaths occurred per day during Vietnam, yet those deaths spurred everyday Americans to question the legitimacy of our involvement in that conflict. At this point, many people forget that the Iraq-Afghanistan is the longest running war in American history recently surpassing the Vietnam War.

Perhaps because ONLY 1. While our ability to wage war has increased dramatically, as evidenced by our use of drones to target those we have determine should die, we, at least as of now, are limiting the number of boots on the ground in the Middle East. Perhaps we tire of being the world's policemen. Memorial Day is, and should be about honoring those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for America and for its citizens. To honor those who have died for our country by resorting to violence only as a last resort, not first thought. Labels: War. Whether one points to the outsourcing of jobs, tax laws that provide too many loopholes for the rich, or the stagnation of the standard of living for American workers, both change candidates blame Washington.

One might argue that Trump's solutions lean heavily on the demonization of illegal aliens and Muslim terrorists while Sanders pointed to the evil inside America as represented by corporations buying our elected servants, the dysfunction of Washington was the common denominator. And, it is easy to get excited by the prospect of finding blame, rooting out the guilty, and marching forward, flag in hand, towards a better day when America is great again as is evident in the meteoric rise in popularity of both Trump and Sanders in the past year.

But we seem to have missed the answer to an important question; who is responsible for electing these horrific public servants? Sadly, of course, the answer is the American electorate. We are responsible for the "mess in Washington", and rather than take credit for our poor record of choosing those we elect, we prefer to divert the blame, and then run into the arms of anyone politically smart enough to realize our greatest weakness; the inability to look in the mirror to place blame.

New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Sound binding and hinges. Clean, bright pages. Paper over boards is clean.

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DJ has light overall shelf wear. Very Good in Very Good dust jacket. Soft Cover. Square, tight binding. Clean and bright pages. Wraps have light shelf wear. Writings on the theme of crossroads in mythology and religion in different cultures. Very Good with no dust jacket.

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Catalogue: Religion. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, U. Judson Press, Hard Cover. Cloth over boards is clean. DJ has light edge rubbing. Biography of Edwin T.

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Dahlberg, American Baptist clergyman who was involved in the Baptist Peace Fellowship and the Fellowship of Reconciliation, peacemaking organizations. New York, Mcgraw-Hill, Writing on front endpapers. Foxing to endpapers, rippling to some pages throughout. Pages clean, off-white. Cloth over boards is edge rubbed with light shelf wear. Catalogue: Technology. Beograd, Savremena Shkola, Book is in the Serbian language. Stitched binding fragile; most pages detached but present in book.

Pages clean, slightly off-white. Pictorial paper over boards is lightly soiled and shelf worn.

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Two folk tales with full color illustrations. Poor with no dust jacket. Catalogue: Languages and Linguistics. Spiral binding is sound. Pages clean, bright. Wraps have light edge rubbing. Catalogue: Americana. Urbana, University of Illinois - Urbana, Booklet-style stapled binding is sound. Pages clean but age-darkened. Wraps tearing at staples with writing at top front corner, general shelf wear and age darkening.