Guide Multiculturalism and the History of Canadian Diversity

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One of the most difficult and urgent global problems is how to develop societies where people of different cultures can live together and build common ground. And collectively, we face the influx of refugees fleeing a violent conflict. Yesterday, our government laid out a plan that would see 25, Syrian refugees approved for resettlement by the end of the year, with all expected to arrive in Canada within a few months.

And more, Canada can also export the ideas and institutions that make diversity work so well at home. We know how to govern in a way that is inclusive, transparent, respectful and effective. We can share that expertise with other countries and their citizens. We know how to work cooperatively with our allies to combat terrorism, and how to be an effective partner in international peace operations.

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We can contribute more to those international efforts, and have committed to do so. We have a responsibility—to ourselves and to the world—to show that inclusive diversity is a strength, and a force that can vanquish intolerance, radicalism and hate. Compassion, acceptance, and trust; diversity and inclusion—these are the things that have made Canada strong and free. Not just in principle, but in practice. Let us not close our hearts to those in need, nor our minds to the knowledge that better is always possible. Main Container. Toggle navigation Search form Mobile Search. Share this Page.

Go to the translated article. November 26, London, United Kingdom. This is what Canada looks like. But I would argue that now, more than ever, the world needs us to do just that. We know that peace is possible, and that hope beats fear every single time. We have had stumbles along that path. Canadians look back on these transgressions with regret and shame—as we should. But our history was also filled with many positive moments. We see it in our communities each and every day. Those are Canadian values. The importance of a strong middle class As important as these values are, they cannot exist in isolation.

This has always been the case. The future is never certain.

Immigration and Ethnocultural Diversity in Canada

It depends on the choices we make today. We are, after all, Canadian. So when their spiritual leader, the Aga Khan, announced last month that he had chosen Ottawa as the site for his new research centre on pluralism, it was widely seen as a particularly powerful endorsement of Canada's tolerant multiculturalism. But his comments came as this approach, enshrined in law and seen by many Canadians as part of their national identity, is coming under unprecedented public criticism.

Is Canadian multiculturalism a myth? - The Sunday Talk

In recent weeks, the debate in Britain over the wearing of the niqab or face veil has crossed the north Atlantic to Canada. It came on the heels of claims that the leaders of the large Indo-Canadian population in British Columbia were turning a blind eye to widespread domestic violence. Last year saw an acrimonious dispute in Ontario over whether Muslims could use Islamic sharia courts to settle family disputes. The provincial government eventually decided that they could not.

In themselves, fights over cultural practices and symbols are nothing new in Canada. Sikhs went to the Supreme Court to win the right for uniformed policemen to wear turbans and students to wear ceremonial daggers known as kirpans. What is new about the latest arguments is an underlying tension between some cultural practices of recent immigrants and the mainstream values of Canadian liberal democracy, such as sex equality.

Canadian Multiculturalism Policy, 1971

This comes as a small minority of Muslim immigrants seek to emphasise their separation from, and even hostility to, the wider society. In June 17 Canadian Muslims were arrested on charges of plotting terrorist attacks on targets including the national Parliament. Similar debates have raged in Europe.

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Two things give them a different edge in Canada. First, even more than the United States, Canada is nowadays a nation of immigrants see chart 1. Immigration is both increasing and increasingly non-European see chart 2. Second, from its birth as a self-governing nation in Canada was a multicultural mixture of British and French settlers and the indigenous people they called Indians. A century later, this was officially recognised. In Pierre Trudeau, a Liberal prime minister, declared Canada bilingual and multicultural.

The Multiculturalism Act of replaced the previous policy of assimilation with one of acceptance of diversity. Multiculturalism has since sunk deep roots in government, reflected in everything from broadcasting to education policy. It has itself become a basic Canadian value.

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