Manual Murder A la Mode (Savannah Reid Mysteries)

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Sour Grapes G. Savannah Reid is the protagonist in a series of cozy mysteries by American author G. Savannah Reid is a Memphis woman who was working as a cop in Southern California until she was fired. Now, she has started her own private detective business. Savannah is also trained in karate.

The series is currently ongoing, with a new novel published each year. Below is a list of G. Killer Calories is book 3 in the Savannah Reid series by G.

Corpse Suzette: a Savannah Reid mystery

Kat Valentina is a struggling actress who went into the club business, but she has been found dead due to an accidental drowning. Savannah Reid is hired to take the case, but she runs into a cast of characters who all have reason to have committed this murder. Shop Worldwide: Amazon. I devoured this title. Probably partly as escapism as I was having a remarkably horrible weekend. But it was the prefect escapist fiction, that manages to make me laugh despite my sour mood. I loved the sass of the Southern raised Savannah. I'm a sucker for the colorful characters that seem to always be a part of Southern fiction and it was nice to find that element in a Hollywood setting.

The behind the scenes of a reality show was an amusing sort of setting too. Toss in the romantic tension and I devoured this title. Toss in the romantic tension and it was a very enjoyable read. I'll definitely be looking into the rest of this series! Jan 14, Laura rated it really liked it. My first Savannah Reid Mystery! I really enjoyed her sassyness and openess with who she is. Will read another. Easy read. Done in a day. View 1 comment.

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May 08, Julie Trapp rated it really liked it Shelves: books. As a birthday present, John has made it possible for Savannah to be a contestant on a reality show - "Man of My Dreams". The prize, aside from money and a tiara, is to have a date with Lance Roman, trashy romance novel cover boy. Who Savannah thinks is wonderful. The setting is a castle as from medieval times and the contestants wear period clothing.

With bitchy fellow contestants, at least one affair going on, murder, 2 contestants severely injured, Savannah has her hands full.

Murder à la mode: a Savannah Reid mystery

And, Lance seems As a birthday present, John has made it possible for Savannah to be a contestant on a reality show - "Man of My Dreams". John and Ryan are also in the show and Tammy has come after the murder to help solve the crime. Apr 11, Val rated it really liked it. Death by Killer Fudge Ice Cream Oct 22, D.

Wickles rated it really liked it. Another good story of Savannah, her co-horts, a murder mystery and her crazy family. Jun 24, Lena H. Nice escape! I didn't like this as much as I liked the rest of the series when I started many years ago. I don't know if it was this particular book or if my tastes have changed. Ah I cannot believe that this was my first Savannah Reid book!

G.A. McKevett

I wish I picked up the series sooner, but alas there is only so much time and so many books to go through. I picked this one up as a loan on a whim and oh my gosh I loved it! Savannah is a voluptuous ex cop who now owns her own Private Investigator agency and she is one awesome, fun and amazing character.

I love how well rounded she is.

Murder à la mode : a Savannah Reid mystery | Madison Middle

I also love the fact that she is one of a few characters that I have read about that has curves and Ah I cannot believe that this was my first Savannah Reid book! I also love the fact that she is one of a few characters that I have read about that has curves and pretty damn proud of em. When Savannah;s friends arrange for her to compete for the affection of Lance Roman a guy on the cover of every one of her romance books on a reality TV show, she didn't know what came with the package. Now stuck in a medieval castle, with four other woman compete for the man of her dreams — the last thing Savannah imagined was for the shows produce Tess Jarvis to show up dead.

First off all I loved the setting of the book. The geek in me totally enjoyed that it took place in a medieval castle. I could totally picture the entire scene and in my head this entire book played out like a movie. It was pretty exciting. I loved Savannah and her supporting cast, especially Dirk — who I am rooting for in the end! Now it's up to Savannah with the little help of her friends to find the killer, while doing the best she can to survive the other contestants.

It was fun and entertaining! I loved the conversation between all the characters, it was sassy and quick, that left me giggling most of the time.

The author did a good job, I thought, in describing the castle. The characters were original and their different personalities really made the book a fun read. I really did have a hard time putting this one down. I must have finisehd it in a day. In the end, I couldn't help but fall in love with Savannah Reid and this series. I will be looking forward to picking up more books. I have to admit that cozies are not my favorite type of mysteries. I like my death a little more bloody and a lot more gruesome and dark than cozies tend to give me. I've said this before and I'll probably say it again, but cozies are fluff.

They're entertaining, but I don't tend to seek them out. Yes, feel free to point out that the ones I head straight for usually involve a NakedWerewolf chasing his destined mate so that they can have large quantities of sex while defeating bad guys. No Okay. Now, that's quality entertainment! But back to the murder at hand. I didn't dislike this book by any stretch of the imagination. It was just one of those that's fun and then easily put aside. Savannah isn't unlikable, by any means. I like a woman who OWNS her look and is comfortable in her body. I didn't so much care for her creepy-crawly fascination with Lance Roman, but it did add some highly amusing interludes to their rather odd little reality show.

I think the biggest stumbling block for me was that I expected more foodage in this book. Savannah likes to eat and she's constantly heading into the kitchen to rustle something up as it turns out, the kitchen is a hotspot for gossip and other clues but this isn't a foodie mystery. Like, the food was secondary. I don't know if I'm explaining that well, but I expected more and was a little disappointed with what we were given. Fun if you're looking for a light read but nothing earth-shattering overall. Jul 07, Nolan rated it really liked it. I've been a long-time fan of this series, and this one was far from disappointing.

Savannah Reid, a plus-sized something private detective, loves her desserts and romance novels, especially the ones with model Lance Roman on the cover.

Murder a la mode : a Savannah Reid mystery

When she gets a chance to compete for Lance's affection as part of a reality TV show, she takes it, fully confident she can win the competition and thereby pay down some bills. The scene for the reality show is a medieval castle built by an eccentric millionaire I've been a long-time fan of this series, and this one was far from disappointing. The scene for the reality show is a medieval castle built by an eccentric millionaire. But things heat up almost immediately on the set when the hard-driven show producer and her husband get into a nasty fight.

Not long thereafter, the producer is found murdered, and everyone is a suspect. The producer's husband hires Savannah to ferret out the killer, but before she does, other contestants are injured, and cover model hunk Lance complicates things for Savannah by taking an interest in her. You see, before she became a PI, Savannah was a cop. Her long-time partner on the force and she remained good friends, and he's not at all happy with the kiss-and-cuddle stuff in which Savannah and the model engage shortly after the murder. This isn't a profound series whose characters will reshape your life philosophy.

But they are reasonably well developed, and they're all more memorable than mere brain candy characters. This is a quick one-day read. I borrowed the Kindle version from the local library and had it back to that library in mere hours. May 05, Amelia-Irene rated it really liked it. This is part of a series, but fortunately it's not dependent upon your reading the previous book in order to understand all of what's going on.

Savannah Reid has left the police dept to work as a P. She seems to manage on finding someone to pay her fees on whatever her partner is working on so they can still work together. Dirk tends to rub folks the wrong way and Savannah with her Southern accent, tends to get things out of folks that they refuse to tell Dirk. A birthday present for Savannah has gone awry, and Dirk has been called in to this hideous "TV set" for a reality TV show that Savannah is the last minute stand in for another contestant in.