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Procedural Justice is an evidence-based practice grounded in the research of Yale professors Tom Tyler and Tracey Meares. Their work has been incorporated into the Ceasefire strategy as one of many initiatives to strengthen community-police relationships. Procedural Justice PJ Training - now required of every Oakland Police officer - helps to ensure that OPD supports public safety in Oakland with procedures that demonstrate respect for each Oakland resident and visitor.

OPD's goal for PJ training is to enhance positive interactions with the community. Unlike classes that focus on tactics, this course focuses solely on understanding the impacts of poor treatment of community members and giving officers practical principles to inform how they treat the community. The practical principles taught in the class are intended to help officers both personally and professionally.

This training project received significant support from the Chicago Police Department and was developed for Oakland by the Ceasefire Oakland Partnership. In Oakland, it is being taught in cooperation with our community partners.

Procedural Justice, Legitimacy, and Policing

The first official class was held in May of and was attended by the OPD Chief and the command and supervisory staff. As of June of , all sworn staff had successfully completed the training. It is now a mandatory training for all new staff and OPD Academy students. St Overview M.

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