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Hachmeister and R. Virdi, due out October 8th, Takes place before Storm Front.

Takes place between Death Masks and Blood Rites. Takes place between Dead Beat and Proven Guilty. Takes place between White Night and Small Favor.

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Elrod Harry teams up with Miss Gard to find a missing bride. Takes place between Small Favor and Turn Coat. Elrod Harry takes on the darkest of dark powers—the ones who dare to mess with this favorite beer.

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Martin and Gardner Dozois Harry and Murphy investigate a series of love spells with deadly consequences. Takes place between Turn Coat and Changes.

You can find them in the sequel anthology, Brief Cases , which was released June 5th, Gentleman Johnnie Marcone clashes with a rival supernatural power. Republished in Working for Bigfoot. Takes place between Fool Moon and Grave Peril. Takes place circa Dead Beat.

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Martin and Gardner Duzois. The easiest way to read the Dresden Files is to follow the novels. Nevertheless, there are also short stories and a few comic books that you can read in order, if you like. I made two lists, you choose the one you prefer.

Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

Update, in june : A new anthology, Brief Cases , is now collecting twelve short stories. Did I make a mistake? Did I forget something? To help me to complete this reading guide, leave a comment! Could we squeeze it in after deadbeat or proven guilty? I think showing the flirtatiousness of her younger self BEFORE the main narrative picks up that side of her personality is appropriate. I asked how to read the files with side jobs included and you gave me a list I already have that list I want to know where to throw in side job stories so I can read them in order.

At the beginning of each story from Side Jobs and Brief Cases, Butcher tells you exactly what novels the story falls between. There are 5 short stories between Small Favor and Turn Coat.

What order do they read in? Just an FYI. Thank you for keeping this up! There are a few more. Great list, but I think it could be better. Butcher has had a busy life the last couple years that has made writing hard. My wife and I are going through The Dresden Files for the third time, this time incorporating all the graphic novels and short stories.

These are the changes I would make to your list to create the optimal reading order for new and longtime disciples of Dresden. I agree with the thinking of Melissa and SheReads that it should be read sometime after the reader has come to know Captain Luccio.

Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files

Based on the text it takes place the Christmas Eve after Peace Talks. According to the JB website, as of March 22 chapter 50 of the draft was completed. No release date has been projected yet. Your email address will not be published. How To Read Me A reading guide to comics and books.

Books Comic Books. It was an adaptation and the book series is much bigger than the TV show, so here we go… What are the Dresden Files?