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Instant Download. Description eBook Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! Industry Reviews Steampunk fans will eat their heart out: Victorian villains, steam trains, ghosts, steampunk science, mediums and all manner of creepy befitting the genre without being genre in itself, just as we've come to expect and love from Mr Green.

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The Ghost Finders of the Carnacki Institute are here to "Do Something" about ghosts, and live by the motto "We don't take any shit from the Hereafter". This series follows a team of three Ghostfinders: the leader, JC Chance, who was touched by something from Outside in a recent case and is still trying to determine what all that means; Melody Chambers, girl geek and computer expert; and "Happy" Jack Palmer, level 5 telepath and official gloomy bugger.

They are joined by JC's ghost girlfriend, Kim.

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JC's motley crew is now considered an "A Team" at the Institute, and are slowly putting pieces together of a greater threat facing humanity. Green novels, with frequent references to characters and places between them.


Green — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists. The police went in - and never came out. A national security team stormed the place. No-one'e heard anything further from them either. Now it's in the hands of the Carnacki Institute's rising stars. They have the wrong equipement. They have no idea what awaits.

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And they have the clock ticking in the background. But they also have a secret weapon: JC's very lovely - and very dead - girlfriend. The Ghost Finders answer a distress call from the private research center of one of the biggest drug companies in the world, where a team of police enforcement agents have vanished.

They have no idea what they're facing-except a deadline that threatens to remove the entire building from existence if they fail to get to the bottom of the mystery.