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Thank you for all your work! A Better Way Clubhouse ABW is a beautiful place to see recovery in action for those challenged with mental illness and substance abuse disorders, I have found it to be a safe path to wellness. Because of this program I can live in my own home! Working for persons with disabilities towards empowerment to make informed choices. MILC is operated by. Midstate Independent Living Choices MILC is a consumer controlled, non-profit, non-residential organization serving 16 counties in Wisconsin, since Check out our Newsletter and see what we have been up to!

Click here to view our latest Newsletter. Assistive technology. Click here to learn more. Personal Assistant Services. IRIS Consultants. Independent Living Skills Training. Assisting individuals to learn skills to live independently in their community.

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Architectural Accessibility. Peer Support. Consumer Directed. Recreational Opportunities. My work is strength-based, let's find what is working and improve the areas that are not! You CAN feel better Through the use of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Brainspotting and sensorimotor therapy I provide treatment of emotional and behavioral issues in adults, children, couples, and families.

In addition to individual, couple, and family therapy, I also provide assessments for children and adults, including testing for school issues like ADHD and other learning or behavior issues, as well as psychological evaluations. Health Choice. View Email. As an experienced marriage and family therapist, I can make this process less stressful while helping you find lasting solutions to the issues that are affecting your life.

I am trained to work with individuals, couples, and families. My interests include but are not limited to helping couples improve communication and intimacy, surviving affairs, perfectionism, parenting skills work, breaking negative patterns, grief work, postpartum support, attachment, and business coaching. My clinical areas of focus are depression, anxiety, stress reduction, trauma and OCD. I am that therapist. Having overcome much adversity in my own life, I have the capacity to truly understand clients.

I offer individual, child, couples,family, pastoral, and group counseling. The techniques I use in therapy are evidence-based. Whether you are struggling with your child's tantrums, concerned about a scary incident, struggling as a new parent, want to stop yelling, or need some support as you navigate a major life transition or stressor, I can help. You can feel at peace with life, able to experience joy and satisfaction that you so deserve.

No one can do it all alone. I believe in the healing power of positive relationships and honesty, and will accompany you on your journey to find stability, connection, and whatever enhancements you choose to bring into your life and relationships. Each person is a unique and cultural individual who deserves to be treated with dignity and kindness. My passion is to walk alongside those who are weary and help you to find freedom from those things that have been holding you back from joyful living.

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Individuals, couples, and families can find encouragement and direction as well as process traumatic life events or circumstances in a nonjudgmental environment. I believe that when we find new perspective, we can step back into life again and find Higher Ground. Emily Stevenson Counselor , Ph. I believe that everyone is capable of creating behavioral and cognitive change that will lead to better health and life satisfaction. Through a mindful exploration of personality factors, previous experiences, and current stressors, achieving self-awareness, self-acceptance, and developing healthy and realistic goals is possible.

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As a supportive therapist, I am committed to supporting you in this process. I enjoy working with a variety of people including adults, children, couples, families, and groups. Office is near:. Within the scope of general adult and child and adolescent counseling I offer individual psychotherapy, family sessions, couple's counseling, and some testing. I use Hope therapy and seek to build on people's strengths.

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Are you rewritting old habits and beliefs that keep you feeling stuck? Or maybe you are feeling strong difficult emotions, such as depression, anxiety, sadness or anger. I am here to help. As therapist, coach and yoga instructor, I offer a holistic approach to help you heal.

I work with clients struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to Trauma and everything in between. I have worked in the field of crisis and also have additional training in Exposure Response Prevention used to treat OCD. I know how debilitating anxiety disorders can be and how they can look significantly different for each individual. If you are struggling with an anxiety disorder and have not found the right fit for treatment, please schedule an intake appointment with me so we can get you living a full life again!

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I focus on the relationship between thoughts and feelings, and guiding my clients to find solutions for challenging life issues. On the contrary, it takes courage and strength to acknowledge and accept when you need help. It is only by talking and facing this emotional pain that healing can come. I feel passionate about how helpful therapy can be in providing clients the tools to make positive changes in their lives.

Feeling unsupported and weighed down with depression, anxiety, and family struggles? As a therapist, my compassionate and collaborative approach will assist and support you as you cultivate new skills and build hope for the future. I work with adults and adolescents, domestic abuse issues, trauma, relationship difficulties, transitions, specializing in addictions, and anxiety and depression. I believe in identifying your strengths and feel it is important to focus on "what is working" rather than dwelling on all that is "wrong" in your life.

I understand that therapy can be difficult and I will provide you with support, encouragement, insight, and guidance along the way. They have experience working with adults, adolescents, and children which includes individual and couples counseling, crisis work, and group facilitation. Heatherwynn is currently training for their Somatic Experiencing certification which adds to their somatic background.

These focus on treating trauma and behavior issues. My specialty is communication, conflict resolution and anger management. I've been in marriage and family counseling for over 30 years. At Celebrate Marriage we provide solution-focused brief marriage counseling. By "brief" we mean 6 to 12, 60 - 75 minute sessions. In addition to counseling and conflict coaching, Celebrate Marriage conducts marriage workshops entitled, "Unraveling the Mystery of Communication and Conflict". My clients come from a variety of backgrounds and experience a variety of struggles, but all have one thing in common.

Everyone needs to feel understood, supported, and heard in order to grow. Stevens is always on the look out for motivated undergraduate students to join the Adaptive Decision Making Lab. Please contact him for more information.

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Associate Professor Psychology Jeffrey Stevens. Mesotocin influences pinyon jay prosociality. Biology Letters , 14 4 , Regenwetter, M. Heterogeneity and parsimony in intertemporal choice.

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Decision , 5 2 , Stevens, J. Predicting similarity judgments in intertemporal choice with machine learning.

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Social contact patterns can buffer costs of forgetting in the evolution of cooperation. Winke, T. Is cooperative memory special? The role of costly errors, context, and social network size when remembering cooperative actions. Frontiers in Robotics and AI , 4, Replicability and reproducibility in comparative psychology. Frontiers in Psychology , 8, Duque, J. Voluntary food sharing in pinyon jays: The role of reciprocity and dominance. Animal Behaviour , , Mendelson, T. Cognitive phenotypes and the evolution of animal decisions.

Intertemporal similarity: Discounting as a last resort. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making , 29, The domain specificity of intertemporal choice in pinyon jays. Reflections of the social environment in chimpanzee memory: Applying rational analysis beyond humans. Royal Society Open Science , 3, Barron, A.

Embracing multiple definitions of learning.

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Trends in Neurosciences , 38, — Evolutionary pressures on primate intertemporal choice. Pachur, T. Kaighobadi, F. Does fertility status influence impulsivity and risk taking in human females?