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  7. 1. Introduction.

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Machine a part from a file provided by NextFab, while learning basic machine function and the software required to design and create files. NOTE: Students will need to schedule an additional session as one-on-one private instruction, and upon completion receive a copy of the programming handbook.

Welding - Overview of Types and Hazards

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Make Your Own Side Table. Learn More. Combo Shop Safety. Metal Shop Safety. Welding Theory and Application. Intro to Industrial Robotics. Intro to Machining Theory. Intro to Metal Forging. Metal Preparation and Layout. Topics include an overview of WHMIS, personal and workplace safety, Oxyacetylene safety, general Mig, Arc and Oxyacetylene theory, welding and cutting techniques, and machine types and set-up.

1. Introduction

Cover the basic principles and applications of metal inert gas welding, including machine operation and control, electrode selection and care, filler rod types, and flow regulators and setting. The objective of this course is to prepare the candidates to write the Trade Certification Examination.

This course covers the theory portion of gas welding, arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, gas metal arc welding, blue print reading, math and science. This is an introductory welding course.

The Basics of Plasma Cutting

The course will teach the proper use of hand tools, safety, basic MIG and Stick welding plus some oxy-acetylene welding. This course will build on the Introduction to Welding course and will consist of a quick review of the basic mig, arc, and oxyacetylene cutting and welding processes, as well as workplace safety. Additional topics include plasma cutting, theory and practical, tig welding, theory and practical, and metallurgy theory.

There will be a greater emphasis on out-of-position welding, tig welding, specialty welding, and the plasma cutting torch. Prerequisite: Introduction to Welding or some prior welding experience.

Learn intermediate welding applications and gain experience with Canadian Welding Bureau test assemblies. In this course you will cover the basic principles and applications of metal inert gas welding and the G. W process, including machine operation and control, electrode selection and care, filler rod types, and flow regulators and setting.

You will determine the type of power source required; select the type of current and polarity best suited; select the type of gas and gas flow rates; distinguish torches and electrodes required; prepare the electrode for welding; set up a TIG or MIG welding station; employ the appropriate welding technique; determine the correct metal edge preparation; and, weld basic joints in the flat position on mild steel and aluminum. Learn how to create decorative metal furnishings for your home.

This course will familiarize students with basic welding techniques and how to weld decorative projects and is suitable for those who have little or no welding experience.